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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Making Sense of it all....

So has everyone let the BIG bombshell of disturbing facts involving the NSA, and their plethora of  secrets, and ongoing scandals of the various agencies accessing our data and personal information without cause or warrant,sink in yet?

Our memories, quotes,posts,snippets,blogs,thoughts,dreams and of course our sexual desires,all in digital format ready for the warrantless taking!

Why is that you ask?
Many things immediately pop to mind.
One of them being High Resolution Digital Images,taken with stock camera found in Smartphone.
Now lets go ahead and say, you're like me, and from time to time you get freaky with it  with the wife, and flick it up like a playboy photographer,with the wifey, rocking nothing more than a gString n come fuck- me boots.(ya I know)
Anyway, that nite of nasty snapshots,will undoubtedly be time stamped,geo- tagged, and named within a file.

What would you call,(for an example, an   audio/video file,that you assume is safe in  cloud storage like dropbox,only to find out there has been several long standing vulnerabilities in the entire code and it's protocols used. 
As time passes our digital libraries expand and we rarely go through many of the files or folders that we may have used often in the past.   

Our personal stuff is actively being targeted,and let me add unlawfully,throw in the fact that there's several potential violators in  multiple agencies, for unknown and undeclared reasons.

 This is unacceptable to me. And who am I? Well I'm an American, and I follow the laws of this land, and pay taxes, so I expect the Government to abide by the laws and be held to them just as I have when I broke the law. That's the bottom line. 

No one is above the law. And honestly it's hard to not point out how passive the population has become with issues of Corruption.  And  it's definitely not hard to point out the ugliness of it all when very specific issues or incidents involving officials or officer's of the law get exposure on various media outlets, and lawyers and their union representatives all stand behind these criminals wearing badges and robes.

 Everyday these same corrupt upholders of the law  blatantly displaying their obvious abuse of power. everyone from Judges, District Attorney's, Internal Affairs Investigators etc.

With that being said ,the fact that some prick with a warrant(wait they still use those things right?)can for any reason whatsoever, access these files,and all their explicit glory.
I'm not no punk, I'm going to go ahead and put it to everyone like this.
I don't think I'm better than else,nor do I involve myself in business that isn't related to me. But I can speak on this matter for the simple fact that, I own a smartphone or two, a laptop, an xbox etc etc, and I may have in fact used it to make freaky videos with my wife, now, here's the BIG problem.
Snooping governments secretly accessing my stuff without warrant or reason.
Fuck that. I'm definitely looking deep into this whole mess, because there is a Mega Lawsuit just waiting to come out and Fuck these pigs up their ass.
Please excuse my Profanity, but that's the way I speak only with a lot more emphasis on the word Fuck.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Skeletons In The Closet

I shared a webpage - Skeletons In The Closet | Thumperbig's Blog by @UC Browser

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Thank You.Come Again.

Some individuals that have read my previous blog,may have in fact gained a new,more positive perspective in regards to identifying a potential,very real,threat, and taking the necessary measures to safegaurd your most sensitive information. 
In these past few months,I have  started my own personal research projects of various sorts, many of which deal with, or indirectly with, modern technologies.I fully understand that with all things considered,maintaing my privacy will require continuous oversight,as well as continuous learning,as technologies are rapidly changing.
In my past two blogs, much of what I wrote,was based on my findings in regards to "security and personal information".
Ive come to the conclusion that, when it comes down to it....
My privacy is extremely important to me. And with that being said, I will closely monitor my activities online,and learn more as I move ahead in this new frontier.
I urge everyone to be aware of the chain of events that inevitabely take place, positive and negative aspects alike, so that we can make more informed,decisions in our future dealings and uses in the digital world.
Many of us have created this "what are the chances?" cliche`esque ways of thinking. Guilty myself...BIG time!
Looking back on my experiences,  (negative and positive), I'm convinced that each and everyone of us must ask ourselves,"what exactly it is that we do on Smart devices?  And also,"what exactly it is, that you dont want anyone else to see,know,monitor,or use against us with the vulnerabilities present in modern electronic devices?
"Staying Connected"took on a new meaning in that, some features of your smartphone, as an example, can be shared with your television,computer,gaming console,cable provider,tablet,etc.etc...
If one sits and truly observes how posessing and making use of these gadgets,appliances,and electronics, It becomes quite apparent that it can be quite easy to forget about the negative aspects that can go on "un-noticed" in the backround.  It should make you question.. what?, if any?,security flaws are present in any of the high priced merchandise we currently posess?
Look around your home. Look at all the little gadgets that have accumulated.
How many of these items can receive signals from other devices?
Do you know what your devices potential can be, if used at full capacity?
Well, rest assured that someone will fully understand all this,and with an intention not of your own, use against you if "need-be".
For me. This is unacceptable.  I can go on and on about the "what I dont want" hitlist, but I know each and every one of you reading this gets the point. We each have our own set of concerns.Some may differ in their priorities,but one thing remains the same for "US ALL".. We have the Right to be Informed,and the Right to be Aware, of the "Clear and Present Danger" to our personal lives!
For every move we make,there is someone, or groups of someones, out to steal,monitor,use,and manipulate our information.
Its almost comical to see ourselves seeming oblivious or  uncaring about having someone know things about you.Very personal, very organized details that some of our closest people in our life may not even know. And If its like that for a reason, then, believe that it is your right to keep it that way.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Who is watching America?

Welcome to those individuals who come across my blog and take the time to read it. Your time is valuable, and I hope after this blog,you look further into your own privacy "breaches" if applicable.
Let me begin my story with a brief explanation as to how or why ive become so insistant on finding out who,what,why,and how companies,and or government agencies,are collecting, viewing,and sharing our precious "data".
It started more than a year ago,and it began while i was getting extremely frustrated with my service and how my expensive phone was responding. I called and asked the usual questions that newbies usually ask and was given the "standard" instructions to clear out the "cache,history,etc,etc". After the instructions were carried out, my phone seemed to be working better,and I decided to delete all of the applications I had previously installed myself from the android market,to see if maybe I was responsible for the slow data speed.
After doing so, I realized my phone was still slow.
Now, Im the type of person who is very opinionated when i give my feedback on anything,but on the same note,im definitely all for putting the facts together before making a negative opinion on anything,so i was not being biased in my conclusion that maybe my carrier just isnt up to the standards I expected. Now let me add this quick note. We have 4 lines under my account, two LG MyTouch,smartphones, and two Samsung Galaxy S smartphones. The total cost of our monthly combined bill is a staggering $370.00
So when i see one company brush off my concerns and or complaints,and explain to me that the problems that I myself,and the owners of the other 3 phones, are probably caused because of our own negligence,and in a round about way act like 370.00 a month is "crumbs" when i brought up the fact that the service that i feel should be provided based on the high cost wasnt being given to me.
There are multiple recorded conversations that have taken place with my phone carrier,and im sure theyve used my talks for their training purposes, because when i made my final complaints I was furious for the treatment I was shown and I made sure my complaint was heard by the carriers higher level at their company. Also there was a significant lack of concern shown to me when I explained that while I was doing some online banking, on my so called smartphone, I was prompted to type in specific information(inside a banking app!!) in which I did so,only to find out that the information I typed was not the Bank asking!! It was a theif who somehow found a way to get into my app while I was using it!
I immediately called the bank when I seen a transaction that I didnt make happen while I was on the banks application.
When it was all said and done, I was out of about 400$, and I went through circles contacting Google, explaining to them that someone had used my own phone against me,and asked if I should be concerned about this new breach that happened within an application found in their app market,in which they said to "follow some basic procedures to prevent this kind of illegal activity from happening again." Now, here comes my normal asshole self when i exploded and called them imbeciles!!
I started an Ebanking account when i first opened up my checking account,and in order to set up this "wonderful", "convenient", "time saving" account feature,I was prompted to use my "secure" email...You see where this is going??
I need an email account to start a bank account,and you need a email account to get service from a carrier, so there is the seed of the whole problem!!!
Most of us have one or two emails to do whatever it is we do on the internet,and in doing so, we pretty much declare ourselves safe whenever we use these accounts to start other non email accounts,so its a revolving set of circumstances,or let me say "potential" circumstances whenever an email adress is used.
Not one company has ever given hands on training to any individual customer I know! But yet, they put their trouble shooting,and FAQ's on their website so that they can talk to you like you're stupid when they tell you "sir, its right there" after only about 16 mouse clicks away to read some crap about saftey measures to take to insure bad things from happening online.
But straight up, thats a bunch of garbage!! Anyone who remotely uses the internet for anything, can be and most likely will be targeted for some kind of fraudulent scheme. And let me tell you this Americans, the companies that you deal with dont give a damm!! If this happens to you, be prepared to be given minimal concern towards you,and your loved ones.
Every month is a struggle to survive. Bills,rent/mortgages,food,insurance,etc. And some high tech company who thinks they're providing you with "Heaven" itself should at some point be held accountable for their negligence in providing the proper security measures before releasing a product to market that almost has every single current detail about you available. They understand all these flaws and yet,theyre more concerned with the Fuckers/investors, in wall street and other lovely financial markets,than they are with developing a fool proof security measure to insure our saftey!
So dont get all excited when you see all the latest garbage,they market us on a daily basis! Look for the company that has a mission aside from profit, to provide the safest possible service to do all the stuff we do with our smartphones. I know some of you bank on your smarthone,some cash checks, pay bills,etc..
At this very moment one of your emails that came from a "reliable" source, can in fact be a trick to get you to open it and release a type of "sleeper" virus that will watch every move you make until they get that one opportunity to attack your "data" and use it to rip you off!
Im not making any of this up. It happens often, and I dont see anything being done about it! So far,i see Google as being the one company that can in fact put a major dent into cyber crime. Will they take action and protect its 900million android devices worldwide?
True story before i finish this blog.And this is pretty disgusting.
Recently,I became aware of  police surveillance being implemented on my phone..Now some might ask"how would you know that?"
Pretty easy. I am an ex felon who has friends and family members who happen to be ex felons or whatever,so, whenever the police are investigating any individuals they quickly investigate "any" person and/or contacts that place or receive calls and/or text messages to the person(s) being targeted,and monitored by police surveillance. Anyhow, I was seeing my phone do odd things at odd moments, so I proceeded to have an I.T  professional take a look at my phone with his "super computer" attached to it.
Low and.behold, we found an IP adress that belongs to a government law enforcement agency, "established" on my phone.. Lmfao...
Funny thing is,I havent committed any crime whatsoever,yet because of the whole American implementation of "guilty by association" crap, its perfectly okay! Right??
If this very agency is so good at their job,and so profecient in asking for court orders and electronically monitor me, then why is it that the very agency that is monitoring me,and I know exactly which dept it is,but because of recent threats towards myself and wife!!! I will not disclose who exactly it is publicly. Yeah America,this is so fucked!
But back to the really disgusting part,
They have a "confidential informant" who lives across the street from me, who is actively involved in a relationship with an underage girl, and is known to carry weapons and even gets raided with said weapons in his possesion,with not a single action done by law enforcement.
So to the parents of this young girl, I hope this case is brought out eventually to show the stupidity and ugliness of the actions of some law enforcement and theyre endless pursuit of perceived criminals.
In other words the fucking cops are sitting there with they're fingers up their ass stalking an American citizen that isnt involved in any criminal activity,all the while secretly allowing their rat to screw a young teenage girl and tote weapons, all in the interest in upholding the law??
Yeah whatever! You cops that do this can be stopping some of the crimes that have occurred while you are monitoring me or at the very least notify someone else because at the end of the day,.it is in fact a crime to see a crime happening and not do anything about it..Especially law enforcement!
Im just saying though!! ;)